A brief overview of my current work at Razorpay.

About Razorpay

Razorpay is India’s newest entrant into the unicorn club. It is one of those startups whose name is more popular than the category itself. As of today, the term Razorpay is more popular than the term Payment gateway according to google trends.

I joined Razorpay a bit over 8 months ago and it has been a whirlwind experience so far in terms of the kind of projects and initiatives I have been a part of and the kind of diverse problems we are trying to solve.

Simply put, Razorpay’s aim is…

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To Ayaan, it looked exactly the same. Three connected chairs; all black, strong and peppered with a thousand tiny holes. When he tried to get Karthik to lie back and relax in the chair, he couldn’t have imagined something as trivial as a cold chair tripping Karthik’s alarm bells to such an unprecedented frenzy. Just last night, Karthik was in the dark hall downstairs, sitting on a similar metal chair set. All night, Bayern Munchen commanded his complete attention and neither the colder chair set nor the frosty remains of Ayaan’s non-stop analysis registered in his mind. …

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Tadashi loves Asuka and Asuka loves Hideki. What next? Read on

Chapter 1: Tadashi

There she was again, her sight dreamily wafting in the direction of Hideki almost as naturally as Tadashi’s own sight made it a habit to lose its way every now and then to find Asuka. On the surface, they appeared to be three ends of an equilateral triangle; each equidistant from the other and in synergy, forming what has become their perceived identity. …


ClearTax’s consumer vertical has two primary offerings: Tax filing and Mutual funds. But the vision for the consumer vertical had always been to cater to all needs that arise in the much broader landscape of personal finance management. To understand user behaviour pertaining to different aspects of personal finance management, we went ahead and conducted a 2-month long user research study and a market study. The aim of the user study was to understand user behaviour, behaviour influences, needs and trigger points w.r.t personal finance. …


Medlife’s consumer business started off with the simple proposition of delivering genuine medicines to customers at a discounted rate. But from here, the business expanded to include multiple verticals like diagnostic tests, online consultations, health products and much more. Moreover, the flow for ordering medicines itself evolved into complex form with the addition of multiple features like subscriptions, express delivery, ordering medicines without a prescription, substitution etc.

Many of these features and verticals came in as a result of multiple acquisitions for the organisation and an ageing product with outdated tech infrastructure could not cope with these multiple codebases. In…

A case study detailing my experience of redesigning the doctor suite at Medlife


Medlife is primarily divided into two product verticals or business lines: The consumer end product and the doctor ecosystem. The consumer ecosystem deals with consumer services such as medicine delivery, diagnostic tests, health products and remote doctor consultations. The doctor business line, on the other hand, offer doctors a wide array of features to manage their day to day practice. These include electronic health record management, appointment management, prescription digitisation and medicine delivery.

The doctor business was primarily handled through a product known as Zip Rx. Zip Rx is an application that helped doctors write digital prescriptions on a tablet…

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The brief

To define a remote application based consultation experience for Medlife that aligns with the business strategy and caters to users’ needs.

My role

I was the product designer on the project and I worked with a product manager and a visual designer. My role involved co-creating the business strategy with the product manager, validating requirements, conducting requisite research, formulating and refining concepts to ensure they meet business and user needs.

Validation research

To understand a user’s medical journey, I conducted an open-ended research session with 8 users who were representative of very different user segments and had varied needs in their health journies. Users…

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A list of case studies on my work that I will be putting up in the coming weeks.

1. ClearBlack: The complete personal finance management tool

ClearBlack (Codename) is a complete personal finance management tool; Cleartax’s first foray into the mobile space. V1 focuses on Tax filing, investments and personalised AI recommendations for users. I handled product and design for the application, defined a design language for the same.

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Problem Statement

Gone are the days when people used to own bulky DSLR cameras and used to roam around with tripods and lighting devices. The age of AI cameras is here and it is here to stay. Instagram is one of the most downloaded applications in the world and many current-day mobile phones sell purely on the basis of their cameras. Manufacturers like Xiaomi have recently come up with phones fitted with a 108-megapixel sensor and have smashed all previous records on DXOMark.

Google’s AI camera has given out many path-breaking features like its night mode, burst shot etc. There are a…


ClearTax is one of the most ubiquitous financial platforms in the country. Over 3 million people file their taxes through our free tax filing tool every year. However, tax filing is not our only consumer offering. ClearTax invest is our mutual fund offering, which offers expert-curated packages of mutual funds tailored to a user’s needs. ClearTax invest offers a wide array of mutual funds from 30+ mutual fund houses at one place.

The opportunity

In the tax filing tool, after a return has been completely compiled, it needs to be submitted to the income tax server of the government of India. This…

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